The Apostolic Sisterhood is a ministry to the ladies of the ABI. Our ladies find fellowship and reach out in ministry in so many ways. The Apostolic Sisterhood is constantly busy finding new ways to minister to and edify one another as well as to those around them. They are truly a blessing to the ABI.


Over the last few years the focus on our youth has become a very important ministry. We feel that no organization has a future unless it is investing in their young people. We are working to build new facilities and provide more youth-specific ministries. The youth of ABI are part of our present so we will have a future.


Our Promotional Director works to reach out to existing ministries which would like to know more about ABI. If you are an existing ministry and you would like to have the ABI send a representative to visit your church we would love to do just that. We want to come and visit with you as well as your church family.


ABI works with nationals in foreign lands to help further the spreading of the Gospel of Christ. Brother Charles Warren has worked for a number of years to assist and lead ministries in foreign lands with a focus on the Philippines. Foreign Missions is an integral part of our desire to reach the world with the Gospel.


The ABI Home Missions Department is working diligently to create new ministries and to reach out to ministries already working to reach lost souls who would like to broaden their scope of fellowship. We are actively seeking new ministers & ministries who would like to be a part of this fellowship.


Each month The Apostolic Brotherhood International attempts to put out a quality newsletter to our brethren and all others who would like to know what is going on in the ABI. We strive to offer a newsletter worthy to be used in your local assemblies to help maintain a sense of connection with our organization.

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