About Us

Birthed in the heart and mind of Pastor James Stephenson of Center, Texas in the early 1990’s, the Apostolic Brotherhood International, Inc. is an association of Apostolic-Pentecostal ministers who have united together for fellowship, strength, and edification. Since it’s incorporation in 1994, the ABI has grown exponentially and is rapidly making it’s mark among Apostolic ministerial organizations. The ABI is known for it’s strong stand on the Apostolic message and standard, all the while maintaining a spirit of humility and love.

The ABI is an association of ministers that are true to the Apostolic message contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. The ABI has come a long way since it’s humble beginning, and has developed many avenues of evangelism…it is truly making a difference!

The Home Missions Department is a motivating force, encouraging and assisting ministers to answer the call of God and pioneer new works. We expect many new churches to be birthed across America due to the efforts of those involved.

The Foreign Missions Department is making an impact in the Philippines. Several new churches have been started there just this past year, and many have received the Acts 2:38 experience. The ABI also has a missionary presence in Australia/New Guinea which is doing well.

The ABI is a living, breathing, growing organism. Home Missions, Foreign Missions, and Youth Department. The ABI has purchased it’s own campgrounds/conference facility just outside of Marlin, Texas, designated to hold the ABI General Conference, and to provide other functions as necessary. The main building is a 4000 sq ft facility with a main auditorium, fellowship hall and kitchen. There is also a covered pavilion and plenty of room to expand for future growth.

The ABI is a forward looking organization with an exciting future ahead!

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